The response to my first post was interesting.  From "Oh I've been dying to ask someone who's been where I am going" to "Why aren't your comments open are you scared someone's gonna disagree with you?" to some really detailed questions about specific areas of the becoming a prospect part of our game.  To the first two examples, I say "Good, I'll help you and you help the person behind you!" and "No."

As to the rest, I'll get to it all!

But first things first.  Best question ever, my favorite:  What would you say is the most important thing to do while raising an elite baseball player?

Something tells me this person might be referring to playing summer ball, or looking for me to endorse a tournament or showcase as the key to getting to the highest level their kid can get to. Nope!  Here's the twelve step plan to getting your kid to become as good as he is able to become...

Learn to work
Learn to motivate yourself
Learn to focus
Learn to work efficiently
Learn to work consistently
Learn to set goals
Learn to monitor your progress
Learn to adjust your goals
Learn to work until your goals are reached
Make new, higher goals
Fall in love with the process
Repeat, because you are never "done" unless you didn't follow these guidelines!

As parents we have to challenge ourselves to put on blinders and set our eye on the goal as well.  All the noise around us telling us what product, team, bat, uniform, school, exposure etc will help our children can be overwhelming.  We will discuss those things eventually.  For now remember this:

I don't care if you are able to get a private workout with all 30 MLB scouting directors or the head coach of every school you dream about attending;  If you aren't what they are looking for, if you haven't gotten yourself to where they need for you to be, all the politicing and money in the world will not get you a pro or college opportunity.  Always make becoming the best you can possibly be the first priority in your journey.


kim austin
03/08/2013 8:17pm

I love, love this!

I think that we parents, learn to live this as well! I have had many parents ask me this same question, and these steps are spot on!

03/13/2013 1:49pm

This is such great advice and I will forward this to my son and husband. I think as a mom, I get more nervous watching my son play. I feel I should stay off the Internet and not read all the reports and rankings. My son doesn't seem bothered at all, and doesn't even read anything unless someone points it out to him. Which is great, but I get so stressed! Do any other moms go through the same thing?

03/19/2013 6:12pm

Hi Melanie, I'm working on something about reading things/ rankings etc:)

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